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Exchange data as i.e. customers, invoices, estimates etc. with QuickBooks.
QImport seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. It imports, modifies and exports about any data allowed by QuickBooks, starting with customers, invoices, sales receipts and ending with bills, time-tracking information, employees etc. Below is a list of the most common actions.

• Accounts, Bills, Charges, Checks, Credit Memos, Deposits
• Customers, Employees, Vendors
• Estimates, Invoices, Items, Inventory
• Journal Entries, Payments, Purchase Orders, Sales Receipts
• Time Tracking Information

As input CSV (comma separated values), TXT, XML files are required. There is an option to access databases via a SQL query . The mapping between your import sources and QuickBooks - called a template - is defined via an interactive GUI. Import of multiple (item) lines is supported also. For the usage of QImport in an unattended mode, we provide Batch capabilities.

Even if you have more complex import tasks, most things can be done, i.e. import customer and sales receipt data from your favorite Shopping Cart System, exported data from a SQL database or just information from a spreadsheet application. You also can export i.e. transaction information and use that in other applications like Excel. QImport queries data from SalesForce for import and modification of QuickBooks company files. Complimentary templates are included for import of Authorize.Net, Amazon and PayPal data. A set of sample templates as well as sample data show the most common import and export tasks. If you need help with customization, please ask for a quote.

Operating System(.Net Framework 4.5 or higher required)
• Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windowsserver  2008, 2012, 2016.

QuickBooks Versions:
• QuickBooks from 2008 up.
• QuickBooks Point of Sale
• Quickbooks Online Edition is NOT supported.

There is no support associated with the product. Still, we try to give a reasonable support via our helpdesk for the newest software version only, but we reserve the right to charge for it. You can download and install QImport any time and test most functionionality before purchase. The restriction is that only one record will be imported into QuickBooks.

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